April 24, 2007

Kids Craft Idea #1:Pom-Pom Ping Pong Paddles

I made these really easy ping-pong paddles with my preschool class and they loved it. All you need for this fun craft is a large to medium sized pom-pom, paper plate, and a large Popsicle stick. You can have the child color the paper plate and stick first, but it doesn't really matter. To assemble the paddle just tacky glue the stick to the bottom back of the paper plate, and that's it, your done! TIP: If you would like to play with the paddle and the glue isn't dry just take some tape and tape over the stick on the back. These actually bounce really well, I think you will be surprised at how much fun they are.
** These would be great for a kids party, you will have an inexpensive activity for all the kids and they will have a cool handmade fun craft to take home.

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