November 8, 2011

Pumpkin Pie Playdough

I so wish that I would have thought of the idea for this pumpkin playdough in enough time to share it with you guys before Halloween...but maybe you all can use the idea next year!? 

.....Any who I wanted to make an easy and somewhat quick little gift to put in a toddler Halloween gift bag. So I came up with the idea to make playdough jack-o-lantern's of sorts. I simply created a huge batch of basic playdough and dyed it orange and added pumpkin pie spices. I then rolled it into balls, placed it in little plastic snack bags and drew an easy jack-o-lantern face. Easy right!?:)

A Vintage Cowgirl Halloween...a week late

As I was "flipping" through one of my favorite blogs Modern Kiddo. I came across the ever so cute Peach wearing the cutest vintage cowgirl outfit, which just so happened to be almost the same costume my little girl wore this year! How fun! Hears a few pics of little girls 60's Sears cowgirl costume. I made the horse with all intentions of it matching her costume!....but she wanted to help so of course it had to be pink!!:) So it didn't really match like mommy had intended but little girl was happy and that's all that matters, right!

October 18, 2011

Vintage Build a Picture Game

I found this fantastic vintage game a few months ago at a church yard sale. I intended on saving it as a Christmas gift for little girl, but a few gloom and doom weather days around here equaled the need to bring out something new! She was more into sorting everything by color and style then she was actually building a picture but she had fun and that's all that matters! Here's a few pics I great are the sweat little pictures!

August 29, 2011

An Interview with Folklure

Please be sure to stop by and read my interview with the lovely Amanda on Folklure! While there be sure to check out the rest of her posts as she has such a wonderfully beautiful blog!

August 26, 2011

Kids Craft: Nature Filled Sun Catcher

I got the inspiration for this easy project a while back via link on Pinterest. As a little side note if you have not visited Pinterest you totally need to check it out, I'm a self confessed pinterest addict:) Here's a link to my account if you want to check out my pins:)

Any who I love little projects like these because for the most part little girl could do it by herself. As well as the fact that it took longer than 5 minuets to complete, pretty much held her attention for most of the project, and it has very little set up time (which is usually where you loose their attention).

Supply List:
Clear contact paper
A plate or something round to trace
Nature items from your yard, most anything works but just be careful the items aren't to heavy.
Yarn or string of somesort

1.Trace your plates or other circular item on the back of your contact paper, cut out circles and set aside.

2. Grab your little one and set out on your nature collecting adventure! You may need a bag to hold all your goodies!

3. Once you've collected all your items peel the backing off of one of your contact paper circles. Have your little one stick their collected nature items onto the circle.

4. Peel the backing off your other circle and carefully line up and stick the 2 together. They don't have to be to perfect as you can trim them if needed.

5. Cut small hole in top and attach string. Hang and enjoy!

All done!!

August 11, 2011

EASY Summer Cucumber Salad

So lets not talk about how long it's been since I've actually posted? Hmmm. February..maybe:) Any who moving on...last weekend we took a trip to our locale farmers market where we picked up all sorts of lovely's! One being a pretty little basket of heirloom tomatoes and a few cucumbers and an onion. All these tasty little items added up to be the perfect summer salad! I know that there are a ton of recipes out there for summer salad, but here's the one that I came up with! Kind of a little combination of other recipes that I had found, thrown in with the sad fact that I don't have a lot spices and such around the house so my recipe would have to be simple! So if your like me and have a lack of ingredients in your pantry this will be perfect for you:)

Summer Salad:
Cucumbers (as many as you will need to feed your family)
1 white onion
Tomatoes (I used cherry but any kind will work) 
White Vinager
Dill Weed (you could also use basil or such if you don't have dill, I've already done this and it still taste great!)

Slice cucumber, I like mine pretty thin. Chop up onion. Slice tomatoes. Place all ingredients in bowl and mix. Pour in vinegar to taste, I usually use around 1/4 of a cup but it just depends on the amount of salad you have and how much you like vinegar:) Sprinkle with dill to taste. Store in fridge

Sometimes I will make mine in advance so the cucumbers have time to soak up the vinegar. However, most of the time I don't remember/ don't plan in advance and it still taste just as good eating it 5 minutes after you make it:) Keep in fridge, the leftovers are great!

February 15, 2011

What she Wore and a Pre Tutorial

Shirt.old navy  Dress.Vintage  Shoes.Old Navy Leggings. Cut off Target Socks 
I go this wonderful idea to use cut off target socks from Rachel over on Smile and Wave. Lately I've been layering them with with tights as it's still to cold for just leg warmers, but I'm sort of fearful to send her with this mix on to school. Being a former preschool teacher I know how confusing and difficult it can be when you have to change a childs diaper when there wearing a wonky outfit:)

So........ I've developed an easy way, with minimal sewing, to turn the cut off socks into a pair of leggings!! I've already created a few pairs....and of course I didn't take pictures as I was so excited of how easy and quick it was!! So I'm trying to back track and take pictures that can still explain the process! Hopefully I'll get the new tutorial posted by Friday!! In the mean time go find some old knee socks or go out and buy a pair for just $2.00 or less at Target..... and start digging out all you little one's old tights!! This will be easy I promise, and you'll have tons of new leggings just in time for spring:)

February 3, 2011

Go to the Head of the Class

I picked up this lovely little game yesterday, for my sisters birthday!! I just love the illustrations. Cowboy Joe being my definite favorite!

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February 2, 2011

Vintage Dollhouse Sneak Peak

I posted sometime ago about how I was on the hunt for the perfect vintage dollhouse! I found it!! I seriously almost peed my pants! I just couldn't believe my eyes! There in front of me at one of my favorite vintage stores was the most perfect 1960's tin house and it's perfect furniture!! It was also a wonderful price that I just couldn't pass up! They were asking less for it than I had seen people trying to sell them for at yard sales, and the one's at yard sales were never in this great of shape! There is not a stitch of rust to be found and only one dent that I assume could be dinged out. The house is also fully furnished with perfect pink, aqua, and brown furniture! It even came with a little red rocking horse which I think may be one of my favorite pieces:) I so wish I could show you the house in it's entirety but it's unfortunately pretty dreary here today and I really want to be able to take pretty pictures! So I thought a little sneak peak might be fun for today:)

February 1, 2011

Vintage Vogart

A few, or maybe way more than I would like to admit to, estate sales ago I found some of these lovely never before used vintage vogart patterns! I particularly LOVE the iron on sets! I thought how sweet they would look ironed onto one of little girls tee's or maybe even one of my own. Oh and how great they may look on the edge of a skirt or cardigan. However, I have been sort of afraid to try them, since they are so old! I know I could just test them out on a sample piece of fabric, however I just can't stand to waist one:( Has anyone ever tried one of these? The package states they are washable, but I do believe it means only hand washing, hmmmm not really sure about the whole washing things by hand deal either..LOL:)


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