June 26, 2007

How to Make Ice Cream Puffy Paint

Here is a quick and fun recipe to make puffy paint that looks like ice cream. You will need tempera paint color of your choice ( I like to use light brown, pink, and light yellow so it looks like chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla ice cream). The other two ingredients you will need are white craft glue (just the cheap stuff) and shaving cream. Pour the paint into a bowl, squirt on the shaving cream, and then drizzle the top with white glue and mix. There are no real measurements for each ingredient so just use your judgement, if you want if real puffy add more shaving cream and do the opposite if you want it less puffy. Once you have it all mixed up grab a piece of paper and let the kids go to it, if you want they or you can draw a ice cream cone or bowl on the paper first.
This paint can be used to resemble more then just ice cream so use your imagination, if you make white puffy paint if will look like snow. Have Fun!!!

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