June 25, 2007

Wonderful Craft Item for the Kids

Here are a couple of crayola items that I just LOVE, they are so much fun!

Crayola window markers: They are so wonderful, kids are able to safely write on almost any glass surface and they are very easy to wipe clean. They are also great to use on car trips, the kids can use the car windows just like dry erase boards! You can find these markers at any craft store or even at a place like Walmart and they are very inexpensive!

Fabric Crayons: These are so great, they allow kids to wear and display there own art work! They are a great way to recycle those stained white t-shirts that you can't think of anything else to do with, you can have the kids just color right over those juice stains. These are also very inexpensive and can be easily found!

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