July 22, 2009

Apple Tags

Here's my first attempt at creating a downloadable pdf file! I hope you enjoy! Please let me know how it works, I have tested the file several times by emailing it to my friends and so far so good! Hopefully, if all goes well with this first pdf attempt there will many more downloads to come. I think these little apples would also make wonderful stickers...hmmm... so I think here in the next couple of days I will re-size them to make them a tad smaller and I'll post them as a new download!

Please be kind, as I know you all are:) and remember that these are for personal use only, please do not resell this item. Thanks!


Catherine Peart said...

I am crazy for apples so am off to download this now! Your blog looks fabulous and I can't wait to go through it all. Thanks for following me too!

Xenxen said...

These tags are MOST BEAUTIFUL! Thanks, and I'm looking forward to following your blog.


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