August 4, 2009

I shop for Fabric Here:

Lately many of my friends have been asking where I get my fabric from, as most of the fabric I have been using lately has been found online and is unfortunately not available locally. So anyhoo I thought I would also share this list with my blog friends! I have dedicated one section to sources for Japanese fabric. I will also eventually post these shops in my sidebar so that it's easier to find! The picture above is of my old/older? singer. I have a newer one but the older one seems much more "heavy duty" over my newer one so I prefer to use this one!

Fabric Supplies (on etsy) (huge selection of fabric)

Fabric Worm

Acme Baby Co.

Jcaroline Creative

A Fabric Outlet (great for bundles/sets of fabric)

Purl Soho

Reprodepot Fabric

Hancocks of Paducah

Japanese Fabric Sources:


Super Buzzy

Cotton Blue

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