June 14, 2010

Dad's Day Tutorial!! Easy Play-Doh Hand Prints

This is a SUPER easy project for when you want to make a keepsake hand print and your little one just won't sit still:) Last year I attempted one of the store bought hand print kit's, you know the kind where your child is supposed to sit still for a few minutes in order for the mold to set up! Yeah right! as you can guess a baby does not sit still that long! even when using their foot instead! So I thought play-doh would be perfect! It's definitely non toxic and you don't have to wait for any mold to set, and! you can always redo it if you mess up:)

There really aren't any steps to list out, all you really need to do is create a pretty smooth circle out of play-doh, make sure it's big enough to fit your child's hand, and smoosh your child's hand down into the play-doh. Ta-da!! your all finished with your father's day gift! Sit it somewhere safe and let it dry overnight.

Okay, so letting it dry overnight was taking a little to long for me, I woke up the next morning and the play-doh was still to soft, so I decided to bake it! I preheated the oven to 200 degrees and baked mine for about five minutes. Once you have baked yours for five minutes or so check it  and if it's still a little soft continue baking in small incriments. Don't burn your father day gift!!!:)

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