July 20, 2010

Ideas for Making Over my Vintage Shirts

So this post is more of here's what I've got and here's what I want to eventually turn it into to:) These shirts were included in the fabulous yard sale purchase I was telling you guys about last week, I seriously think I scored like 15 vintage button down shirts. My first thought is always how cute of a dress/skirt/shirt these would make for little girl but then I visited Anthropologie over the weekend and I became inspired to actually make something for myself! I'm setting a long first goal of 2-3'ish weeks for my first shirt remake, hopefully I'll stick to it:)

Anywho here's a few of my shirts from the yard sale:

....and here's what I would like to eventually turn these shirts into:

Last set of photo's via Anthropologie:

1 comment:

Teresa said...

What an awesome idea! I like the tiered skirt! Good luck with your projects! :)

♥ Teresa ♥


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