July 3, 2010

Inspiration Tray.....a Tutorial?.....an Idea!!

I found this lovely vintage tray the other day while thrifting and it was one of those items that even when cleaned I still maybe did not want to use it for food? You know what I'm talking about, right?!! Any how so I got to thinking about all those lovely inspiration boards you see floating around out there in blog world and I thought to myself what about an inspiration tray instead?It seems to be more practical for me as it is kind of hard to hang the things that inspire me, the division of the tray also makes it much easier to divide out different projects and walk around gathering different pieces. I say walk around because most of my items are not all that organized so most the time when piecing together a project I wind up balancing and collecting pieces in my hand. I also have a hard time clipping stuff for an inspiration wall/board as I usually end up clipping everything I see!! I already have a problem with thinking that I need to keep every single little thing...LOL!

I'm thinking this little tray is so adorable that I may do a weekly post on different inspiring trays...or something like that? You should try one as well!


Anonymous said...

Such a cute blog, the tray inspiration board is a great idea!!

nadine paduart said...

wonderful idea. the tray/board is so neutral. perfect blank canvas ans still enticing to fill it... :)


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