July 1, 2010

Vintage Little Lucy Dress

I found this oh so cute "little Lucy" dress the other day at a local consignment shop! I just adore the little bows and the tie around the waist! Little girl hasn't got a chance to wear it just yet as it is white and that makes me kind of nervous!...LOL.... I'm thinking though that it might look cute hanging on a wall in her room for now:)


Anonymous said...

i am glad to hear another mom gets nervous about white things :) i have recently gotten better at bleaching out stains but it took me 4 years :)

Kim said...

LOL...I still can't figure out the whole bleach thing? For some reason the shirt gets whiter while the stain gets darker:) Maybe it's what she eats....she now eats strawberries in just a diaper after a recent loss of a pair of khaki shorts:)


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