August 5, 2010

The ever so Essential Pencil

You can't go back to school with out a pencil and a cute one at that! Here are a few fun pencils and pencil related items that I've come across that I thought I'd share:)

Over on etsy you can find pretty vintage pencils from Mushroom and Moss, cute and kitschy pencil sharpeners over at Hey Yoyo (love these), a pretty pencil box also from Mushroom and Moss, a  pretty handmade pencil pouch from Tabi Designs,and a pretty elephant and apples case from Simbiosis!

Now for a few fun tutorials:

An easy felt pencil case from Martha!

A fun toadstool pencil craft found over on Oh!! I like That

Also be sure and visit Orange Flower Sketchbook and Little Big Girl Studio for more cute pencil case tutorials!

 SUPER easy Tutorial coming later tonight!!

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