August 25, 2010

Fab Vintage Plaid

So....I know I promised a tutorial this week and I still intend to get one posted!!! However, I've been doing some substitute teaching this week so things have been sort of  mixed up around here...... but in the mean time I've found some great vintage plaid to share with you guys!! The theme sort of goes with my upcoming tutorial:)

At the Train Tracks

Vintage Plaid Top Train Case

vintage PLAID JANTZEN Smock Blouse or Tunic

Vintage Plaid Picnic Set by American Thermos

Plaid 4

Pink Plaid Suitcase

80s vintage rolled sleeve plaid blouse SO SOFT

Posing in Plaid

military dress and black boots


Oh, My Darling said...

I'm a plaid fanatic! This is all very exciting to see!

sabrina said...

Ooh, Super cute! i LOVE plaid! I especially love the first one (dress) and the fifth one (jacket/coat and red bow). Adorable! :)


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