August 12, 2010

Four Simple Goals Before 2011

Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess is hosting a "4 simple goals" before 2011 project and I thought it sounded like great fun and decided to share some of my personal goals here with you guys. we go......

Goal Number One: Eat a larger variety of foods. I feel like I've gotten stuck in a food's not that we eat unhealthy I just feel like we eat the same things all the know what I mean? So to start things out slow I would like to eat at least one new meal per week and hopefully increase it as time goes by.

Goal Number Two: Ride my bike somewhere instead of driving.....this has been a goal for a while but when it's 105 outside this really isn't such a practical idea especially with a toddler in tow. This goal will probably be more achievable when the weather cools off:)

Goal Number Three: Make/craft something for myself or my home; 1-3 items a month sounds like an easy start. I have tons of vintage clothing patterns and fabric but have yet to make anything for myself. It always makes me feel so good when my daughter wears something I've made for here, I would love to have that feeling for myself as well, handmade just has away of making you feel good:)

Goal Number Four: Create some more fun and unique activities for me and my daughter to do together, and take more pics while were at it!!

I'll be sure and share the progress as time goes by:) If you think this cute and simple goal project sounds like fun definitely stop by A Beautiful Mess to check out all the details!


Unknown said...

I love your goals! I definitely know what you mean about getting stuck in a food rut. We have our go-to meals: chili, spaghetti, bean burritos, etc. and we just cycle through those every.single.week. I love the idea of changing it up one meal per week at a time!
Good luck with your goals!

ringmaster said...

this is a good list! i especially like the last two! i might steal them for my goals ;)

sabrina said...

Aww... I especially like the crafts with your daughter goal. How sweet.

I really like your blog, so I gave you an award! Check it out:

Your blog is really fun! I like the link on the side to the downloads. Such cute stuff!

Suzie Johnson said...

Totally know how you feel about not creating stuff for yourself. I get such a buzz from making things for others. But have been getting alot out of making things for myself and displaying them around our home.

Love your other goals too!

Oh, My Darling said...

I'm stopping by from Elsie's blog as I'm also participating in this, and just love all of your goals! Number four especially warms my heart.

Brianna! said...

I loved elsies Idea when I read about.
I enjoyed SO much coming up with my four simple goals, and I also REALLY enjoyed hearing about yours.
Good luck and best wishes on achieving them.


Kim said...

Thanks to everyone for stopping by!! I can't wait to go out and read everybody's goals!! I've already stopped by a few of your blogs and I totally wish I could steal a few:)

Glass*Plant said...

Great goal list! Love number one. It is so easy to get in a food rut. I am trying to eat seasonally this year. That means I have to learn new recipes all year long. At first it was hard but now I love it. I cooked with Leeks for the first time! I just posted my goal list today. I am creating a linked list of others participating if you want to come check it out.


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