August 8, 2010

Happy Sunday!!...Laundry Chores

I hope these next few pictures brighten up your Sunday laundry chores!! I know I hate laundry but when doing laundry with my mammaw it always seemed like so much fun, I think I need a clothes line!! Laundry is definitely more fun with a clothes line, who can resist a cool crisp sheet that smells of the sweet outdoors.....hmmm I'm going to have to scoop up the dog poo first..LOL:)   Happy Sunday all!!!

1. sitting area, 2. Cupboard, 3. True Confessions, 4. dirty laundry, 5. i'll be your whatever you want, 6. hand washables, 7. 22 cents at K-mart how long ago?, 8. W for washing

1 comment:

Maria Trochelman said...

Hi! I just found your blog and LOVED the tank top with lace tutorial below! I can't wait to visit your shop!! :)


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