August 30, 2010

Simple Things that Make you Smile...Pretty Hangers

I love an ordinary item that can really bring cheer to your life or really an item that brings fun to a task that's typically a drag!!....I mean how fun would it be to hang clothes on these cuties.  Below I've included some links to a couple fab tutorials that show you how to make your own cute fun!!:)

Vintage Boutique Hangers

Hooked on Hangers

Vintage Children's Hangers

Red vintage hanger

retro children's hangers

Vintage Hangers

Please click on photo's for links.

Click here for Dottie Angels Crocheted Happy Hanger Tutorial.

Click here for a Yarn Wrapped Hanger Tutorial form Wise Craft.

Click here for a Fabric Covered Hanger found over on Design Sponge.

P.S Thanks for everyone's super sweet comments!! I know it sounds corning but it really brightens my day when I stop by to read what everyone has written:) As a work at home mom it makes me feel like I'm actually having a real adult conversation..LOL..:)


sabrina said...

I want to make some of the "Happy Hangers". (I've been reading "dottie angel" since January.) I'm having a hard time finding the right hangers. I don't think my thrift stores sell the wooden hangers, they keep them for the store.

I'll take a look at your other hanger tutorials. :)

Oh, My Darling said...

Loving the design of the hangers in that last picture, especially!

ringmaster said...

these are beautiful! i don't know what it is but i love pretty hangers!

Louise de Pour Toujours... said...

I know what you meen about "having an adult conversation".

Merci for sharing my girly vintage hangers, it led me here.


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