September 13, 2010

After Many of Fights with the Sewing Machine and Iron........

After Many of Fights with the Sewing Machine and Iron.........I finally made a skirt!!

Many of the fights me and the old sewing machine had today were in fact my fault, as much as I do hate to admit it! But I have learned many lessons today that I wold like to share with you guys to maybe prevent some future fights with your beloved machine:) Lesson one: do not try to sew knits with out using a ballpoint needle!! Now I know many of you are thinking that you have sewn knits tons of times with just a regular old needle, and I have to, but if your having trouble with poly knits, and  fine or think knits trust me the ballpoint needle works magic!! Before going out to purchase a new ballpoint needle my sewing machine kept spitting out the thread at me, it would straight stitch when I had it set on zig-zag, and it would start making those funny knocking sounds (you know the ones before your thread turns into a big huge knot/ball)! Any if your experiencing any of these problems with your sewing machine don't fret try changing the needle:)

Lesson 2: The second lesson I learned today involved the iron. I learned to always make sure your iron is set to the correct fabric!! After finally finishing my skirt, with the new needle, I then proceed to melt a hole in the vintage fabric...grrr!! But I put  cute little circle over the uh-oh and all turned out okay:) So I do suppose the other lesson here is if you do mess up stick a circle over it...LOL:)


cowboybunny said...

Despite the troubles, it turned out adorable! Love the fabric, and the little circle is cute!

sabrina said...

Its a very cute skirt. I've been teaching myself how to sew, and I know those noises all too well. ;)


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