September 29, 2010

New Skirts and Scarfs

Sorry for such a brief post but we've had a mild case of the flu bug around here so there hasn't been much time for the computer lately. Which isn't always bad....sometimes it's good to have a computer know:) Any's a little skirt and scarfs, that were inspired by vintage stewardess neckties, that I've put together for a few upcoming shows.

 P.S. I have still yet to try bubble tea, with such a hectic week. But, for all the local folks I did want to share where you can find some yummy bubble tea of your own. There's a Chinese bistro over in Norton Commons that supposedly sells authentic Thai bubble tea, and there use to be a little shop on Bardstown Rd. and Baxter Avenue called V and S but their closed and in the process of moving right now:(  So if anyone visits or has visited these places let me know what ya think:)


sylviesgarden said...

I love the green one, so sweet.

About Keeperz said...

Just found your blog. My friend suggested it to me. I really like your scarf design and the big buttons. Did you have help setting up your blog? It looks fabulous!

Oh, My Darling said...

Wow, they look great! Love the button closures on them!

Bethany said...

These scarfs are adorable! I may just have to snag one.

Kim said...

Thanks!! you guys are so sweet:)

Keeperz, I'm so very glad you found me!! I did set up my blog myself, blogger makes it really easy to set up and look pretty:)

Ashley A. said...

LOVE the scarves. I was at Portland Fashion Week this past week and saw something similar in some downtown boutiques but yours are WAY more killer! I think its the personal touch of the vintage button ;)

steph said...

Miss your posts...hope all is well with you!


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