October 13, 2010

Tights for Fall

Tights detail

Even though I don't actually own any? tights are one of my favorite accessories for fall! I found a few fab tight wearers to share with you. I think I will be making a trip this week end to purchase a few pairs:) On another note, I'm very sorry to be gone so long, thank you so very much for all of your concerns they mean so much to me:)!! We have all been doing well except for a few more cases of the sniffles and a few more unexpected trips to the doctor that I blame on the crazy weather and living in allergy city:) I've also been trying to squeeze in a few shows that I'll hopefully be able to share a few pics of soon, I've got tons of new kids clothes that I've been debuting at a few of the shows. I've also been working on filling consignment orders with a few new shops so if your local you'll soon be able to browse my children's clothing items in a brick and mortar shop as well, I'm very excite about this!! More details will be coming soon:)


the blues are still blue

Outerwear 2/26

Going out Christmas shopping

[September 23, 2009]

18th February, 2009

rainy day blues

Oct 16


Hippy Hippy Shake

yellow and grey

little blue bird

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sabrina said...

I love tights. I've never been brave enough to wear the really bold colored ones though. Most of mine are neutral colored, and a few are patterned. I wear them with my boots, though, so only a slice of them pops out between the top of my boots and the bottom of my dress. I love the lacy ones in the first photo!

Oh, My Darling said...

Totally agreed on the love of statement tights! I'm so notorious for them that coworkers have, on numerous occasions, excitedly told me that they bought fun tights after seeing mine!


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