November 2, 2010

**Tutorial**No Sew Vintage Fabric Magnets

I know there are probably tons of tutorials out there on how to make fabric magnets, but here's my little take on a simple project:) I tried to make mine very toddler friendly yet still no sew as I wanted my daughter to be able to play with them with out having to worry about her eating the magnets and such!! However, if you are not worried about little mouths and fingers or if do not have a laminator I've also offered an alternative way to construct these magnets!

*Vintage fabric scrapes, or other fun fabric scrapes
*Magnets (if laminating use a flat flexible peel and stick type magnet, if your not laminating you can use any type of magnet)
*Iron on interfacing: if your not laminating make sure you have a thick/stiff interfacing so that your magnets hold it's shape, if laminating any interfacing should do, I used one made for light weight fabric
*Laminator and laminating sheets

Step One:
Find clipart templates, or create your own templates, to use for the shape of your magnets.

Step Two:
Iron interfacing onto the backside of your fabric. Trace the template you created and cut out earlier onto the interfacing that you ironed onto your fabric. NOTE: the interfacing makes it much easier to trace and cut out intricate shapes.
Step Three:
Cutout shapes and add magnets. If your not laminating and you used a thick interfacing your finished!! I would recommend however that you use a very strong glue for the magnets, even if they are the peel and stick type because they really don't hold there sticky very well:( If you are laminating make sure that you do stick your magnets on before you laminate. As this is the part that keeps your magnets safe from little fingers and mouths:)

Step Four:
Run your magnets through the laminator. When I put my magnets through the laminator  I cut out the laminating sheets to fit around each piece of fabric and ran each magnet through individually. I had to run each magnet through several times and in a variety of directions so that they would be good and sealed. The magnets can cause gaps but if you change the direction of your magnet and fabric each time you run it through your machine you will be able to seal off the gaps.

Your Finished!!!!
Sit back and admire your new magnets, and if you have little one's you can share if you would like:) We live in an old house and have metal kitchen cabinets and radiator's(don't worry there not hot) so there have been lots of places for little girl to stick her new magnets!

These also make great little gifts and fit perfectly inside of a card:)


sabrina said...

Those are so cute! I LOVE having cute magnets for my fridge. What a great idea. :)

Maggie said...

Ah!! Adorable. Love them :)

Kim said...

Thanks girls!!


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