December 3, 2010

A Week of Vintage

I found tons of  vintage goodies this week!!...and .......I found one of the most fabulous little vintage shops!! They have so many wonderful items and at such great prices, and when I say great prices I mean GREAT prices!! 95% of their inventory is under $9.99 and most of the items I found were around a dollar or two! Honestly their prices were better than estate sale and thrift store prices, and they stock almost 5000 new items a week! They had a set of 4 vintage floral glasses for $1.39 and I bought a vintage Christmas table cloth for $4.99. I'll try and take some pictures next time I'm there, which will probably be in a couple of days..haha:)

Anywho, sorry for the rambling:) I just knew that you all would share my excitement more than husband did..LOL:)Here are a few of little girls finds for the week, I'm totally jealous of her little cardigan...I think I want one for myself:)

Vintage 50's cardigan. thrifted Janie and Jack top. Jegging from Walmart

Vintage Oshkosh Jumper. Vintage Carters Button Down

Okay...and...seriously I don't know what her deal is with all the paci's lately? For some reason or another she now has to have 2 rather than just the know one for the mouth and one to rub on her face:) However she's just a closet paci she doesn't use it at school:)

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