January 14, 2011

Collections: Vintage Paint by Numbers

Vintage Paint By Numbers Horse

I've currently got a fun little vintage paint by numbers project in the works!! I wish I had pictures to share with you guys, but I'll be sure to put that on my list of things to complete this weekend:) In the mean time I thought it would be fun to feature a few fabulous vintage paint by numbers collection from other folks. I've also included  a few that are for sale just in case your on the hunt for one of your own. The for sale list also features a few vintage kits as this is what my current project involves and they are totally fun to have around! Next week I'll be sharing a few ways to use these kits even when the kits paint is all dried up:)

Hope you enjoy this weeks lovely collection!!

living room


painting the living room



a start...

Please click on photos for direct links to there sources.

Here's a few fab finds to start or continue your collection with!
I'm totally in love with these from DrVintage!
Lovely Ballerina's from packratsvintage  
Paint by numbers Horse kit from VintageEstateFinds.   
1940's glow in the dark paint by numbers from 2isblue. 
One of my favorite paint by numbers from OctaviaBrown. 
So sweet!....and for only $8.99 from raesvintag!!
Pretty roses from BlackCreekEclectible.

A vintage color by number kit from Colderthanh, how fun!!  

Another fun find!! Vintage paint by number paper dolls from haoli.

Love this one from junkculture, they also has a vintage flapper girl available!!

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