January 28, 2011

Yesterday was....Just Another Day in Paradise

I love reading other bloggers "true" life stories so I thought I would share my day with an almost two year old story with you guys. Hopefully it will make you laugh, smile, and possibly relate to the sometimes misadventures that keep our life exciting. After all if it weren't for misadventures there would definitely be a  lack of stories to share and laugh about. So with out further ado, here's yesterdays story from little girls point of view.

I woke up yesterday morning, in mommy's bed of course, as mine just doesn't seem as nice as it use to. Of course when I woke up I was surely ready for my milk cup, however mommy did not realize, before handing me my cup, how full my diaper was and I may have had a little accident in mommy and daddy's bed...oooops! Actually it wasn't that small after all as it took up a quarter of the bed, but mommy wasn't angry, after all it was on daddy's side of the bed:)

Mommy dressed me in my/her favorite vintage red overalls and we set out for breakfast. My nose got a little runny while waiting for breakfast so I decided that since I couldn't find a tissue my hair seemed like the next best place. Sometimes I'll wipe it on mommy's pants or shirt but I really don't think she likes that? In fact one time I heard her ask if this was macaroni and cheese or snot on her pants, I think she was wishing it was the cheese:) Breakfast was fun and I ate almost all my food, the other half may have ended up in my hair with the snot? Mommy cleaned me off, which I hate, and we got ready to go to the library for story time!!

I love story time, however I also LOVE the stairs and the fun hallway with stickers that leads to them. So mommy had to chase me, but only a couple of times today;) Next we headed off to the mall, I love walking at the mall and looking at the fountains, however stroller time is definitely not my favorite. So decided I would take off my shoes and socks and throw them in protest of having to ride in the stroller:(  It was time to leave,and frankly I was DONE with the mall and was ready for a nap!

After nap it was time to eat lunch, and I went through that meal with out to much food in my hair so mom was happy! Then it was time to meet grammy at the mall for dinner, but first we had to stop at the store for some of my favorite cereal bars. On the way out of the car my coat dropped and fell white fur side down in the sluggy snow...uh oh...mommy may have said a few words that I'm definitely not allowed to say:) While in the store I insisted on carrying the grocery basket even though I was not tall enough and it drug the ground through the entire store. I was pretty frustrated with the basket and I may have had a soon to be two year old fit right there in the middle of the store. Sorry mommy:)

Our next stop was the mall but not with out another little issue with the car seat, the issue being that I just don't like being in it. It took mommy 10 minutes to get me in my seat as I was pretty set on the fact that I would not be getting in that thing! When we got to the mall mommy realized that her phone battery had died and grammy was supposed to be calling her so that she could meet us there! What did people do before cellphones? Mommy had to use a phone at one of the stores and of course no body answered the phone since it was an unknown number! But everything thing worked out okay:)

As we waited for grammy in the restaurant I may have had another soon to be two incident when mommy wouldn't let me lick all over the glass food case, this little incident may have lasted longer than the first! Mommy was very happy when they brought me out some food and I decided that food seemed better than licking the glass display case.

After Dinner we went for a walk around the mall until I decided that I now know longer wanted to hold mommy's hand. So it was time to leave and once again I may have showed my soon to be two year old self  as I was very angry about being held and having to go back to the car:(  As you remember from last time, I'm really not that happy with having to ride in my car seat lately, so it took mommy and grammy a WHILE to get me in my seat:(  Once we got home I was very happy to see daddy and so was mommy! I spent the rest of the night with daddy while mommy read books and drank tea, and said something about trying not to lose her mind:)

And just like the country sounds states, it was "Just Another Day in Paradise."  :) 
 I love you little girl!!:)
P.S. This day had come after 2-3 weeks full of NO school snow and sick days....I'm ready for SPRING!!!


Stacy Hart said...

ha, i can relate to this story :) she is so cute!

lula honey said...

the perfect day. and what a little cutie she is. thanks for sharing :)

Edith's Closet said...

Oh my word, I could have written this post about my little one. Toddlers are so wonderful and challenging. One minute I'm pulling my hair out, the next I'm basking in sweet sloppy kisses and chubby handed hugs. :)


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