February 15, 2011

What she Wore and a Pre Tutorial

Shirt.old navy  Dress.Vintage  Shoes.Old Navy Leggings. Cut off Target Socks 
I go this wonderful idea to use cut off target socks from Rachel over on Smile and Wave. Lately I've been layering them with with tights as it's still to cold for just leg warmers, but I'm sort of fearful to send her with this mix on to school. Being a former preschool teacher I know how confusing and difficult it can be when you have to change a childs diaper when there wearing a wonky outfit:)

So........ I've developed an easy way, with minimal sewing, to turn the cut off socks into a pair of leggings!! I've already created a few pairs....and of course I didn't take pictures as I was so excited of how easy and quick it was!! So I'm trying to back track and take pictures that can still explain the process! Hopefully I'll get the new tutorial posted by Friday!! In the mean time go find some old knee socks or go out and buy a pair for just $2.00 or less at Target..... and start digging out all you little one's old tights!! This will be easy I promise, and you'll have tons of new leggings just in time for spring:)

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