August 26, 2011

Kids Craft: Nature Filled Sun Catcher

I got the inspiration for this easy project a while back via link on Pinterest. As a little side note if you have not visited Pinterest you totally need to check it out, I'm a self confessed pinterest addict:) Here's a link to my account if you want to check out my pins:)

Any who I love little projects like these because for the most part little girl could do it by herself. As well as the fact that it took longer than 5 minuets to complete, pretty much held her attention for most of the project, and it has very little set up time (which is usually where you loose their attention).

Supply List:
Clear contact paper
A plate or something round to trace
Nature items from your yard, most anything works but just be careful the items aren't to heavy.
Yarn or string of somesort

1.Trace your plates or other circular item on the back of your contact paper, cut out circles and set aside.

2. Grab your little one and set out on your nature collecting adventure! You may need a bag to hold all your goodies!

3. Once you've collected all your items peel the backing off of one of your contact paper circles. Have your little one stick their collected nature items onto the circle.

4. Peel the backing off your other circle and carefully line up and stick the 2 together. They don't have to be to perfect as you can trim them if needed.

5. Cut small hole in top and attach string. Hang and enjoy!

All done!!

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