November 8, 2011

A Vintage Cowgirl Halloween...a week late

As I was "flipping" through one of my favorite blogs Modern Kiddo. I came across the ever so cute Peach wearing the cutest vintage cowgirl outfit, which just so happened to be almost the same costume my little girl wore this year! How fun! Hears a few pics of little girls 60's Sears cowgirl costume. I made the horse with all intentions of it matching her costume!....but she wanted to help so of course it had to be pink!!:) So it didn't really match like mommy had intended but little girl was happy and that's all that matters, right!


Dottie said...


I love your little cowgirlie! You should totally send me pix of her and feature her as a weekly kiddo! Yay!

Thanks so much for sharing,

- Dottie

MissShapes said...

That is sooo funny! Such a GREAT costume!!

Kim said...

Thanks girls!

Dottie, that has totally been on my to do list for the past year, I would love for little girl to be the weekly kiddo! I'll work on gathering and taking new pics!


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