June 25, 2009

Vintage Mccalls Make-it Book

Fresh from the mailbox is this wonderful vintage children's craft book, it's copy right 1953 and is in wonderful shape, I'm so excited!! I love when the mail comes!! The crafts inside are so fun and unique, how fun are the zoo animals made from towels. I was also very amused with the fact that one of crafts showed a small child using a vise saw to create blocks.


Catherine Peart said...

Where did you find this??? I really, really want one now...

Kim said...

I know isn't this book great!..I found it over on ebay. I just took a look over there and they had a few available! I've also seen them available over on etsy. McCall's also has great vintage softie/toy books with something like 80 patterns in each book! P.S. I love your tin can tutorial, I've got tons of cans just itching to be painted and papered!


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