August 31, 2009

Amy Karol's New Book: Bend the Rules with Fabric......

I'm kind of late with this post so many of you probably already know that Amy Karol's wonderful book Bend the Rules with Fabric was released last week! I went to the book store first thing on Tuesday to check it out and it's as fabulous as one would imagine it to be! I decided however to order it over on Amazon as there where ton's of other books I was in need husband thinks that I have more than enough books:) my impatience is getting the best of me because the book is not due to be delivered until September 5Th, YIKES, I didn't realize that the free shipping would take this long! Usually when I order from Borders or Barnes and Noble my order is shipped and received with in 3 days of purchase. So I hate to say it, because I love Amazon, but if you are in need of something quickly it's best not to take their free shipping, but their prices are usually much lower, this book was $14.95, so if you have more patience than I do it's definitely worth the wait:)

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