September 4, 2009

Inspiration: Vintage Little People

Photo Credits/Links Clockwise:Paper Pony, Ribambelles and Ribambins', R. Berdar, billoneil,

So I've already began to think about little girl's first Christmas and I'm really wanting to get her a set or so of vintage little people, I know I know she won't be able to play with them just yet but I can't wait any longer I'm just itching to buy a few..LOL:) I noticed the other day while I was shopping at Target that Fischer Price had released a remake of some of their first little people toys, I loved them however they only came with 2 little people so they wouldn't be much to play with? So I guess I will begin my search on ebay. I already have the little brown house and the bus, but I really LOVE the amusement park, I'm scared to look at how much those might cost? Anyhoo I found some super cute and inspiring little people pictures on Flickr, aren't they adorable, I just love the colors!

1 comment:

Britt said...

This made me smile! I remember playing with little people like this and I love the vintage ones! Cute! :)


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