August 7, 2009

Ready For Fall? Bookplates

Although fall is one of my favorite seasons I still just don't think that I'm ready for summer to end:( Maybe it's because I know that after fall comes winter and there's nothing I hate more than being cold! If only we could skip winter.......and while I'm at it spring as well because that humid rainy weather is just not good for a girls hair..LOL. Anyhoo, here is a set of bookplates I have created for the upcoming fall season, I hope you enjoy!

** A note about this download** Some of you may or may not notice that when you download this file there may be small grid like patterns on the trees, it's wonky I know but it has to do with the pdf reader. You'll notice that as you change your zoom level the grid will disappear or change's really enough to drive you crazy! However, they will print perfectly normal! I have researched why it does this and I have found really no good answers except for that it's some sort of glitch but prints normal..hmmmm...if any ones knows how to fix this do tell it's driving me crazy....:)

1 comment: said...

YAY FALL! I'll admit it, I'm excited! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.


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