August 16, 2010

Cute!! Vintage Cup Collections

I spent last night flipping through Flickr on my iphone becoming completely jealous of all the super cute vintage cup collections out there! This was going to be the entire theme for this particular post, you know collections I'm jealous of, however I made a trip to a newly found thrift store today and came home with a few new fabulous cups and mugs to start out my own collection;) I haven't taken any pics of my own yet...but here are the collections that I'm still totally jealous of!!

1. Kitschy Mugs, 2. Updated cabinet, 3. Tall, 4. 2007 Mug Collection - Color Mugs 3, 5. Cute Cups - Closeup, 6. Vintage 1970's yellow and orange mushroom butterfly drinking glasses, 7. 1950's, 8. Interviwed


sabrina said...

Those are some nice vintage cups! I especially like the orange and yellow mushroom glasses. I think I may have seen some like those in my thrift store down the street. :)

Lindsay C said...

wow these are beautiful !


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