August 18, 2010

Granny Chic Crocheted Cup the works...

In my search for vintage colorful glasses I thought it would be fun to create a few of my own colorful glass. So I created a granny/kitschy chic cozy for my plain vintage glasses. As you can see in the picture it's still in the works, but I hope to do a couple in yellow and an aqua color as well:) I'm hoping these will look super fun on my new vintage bar!! I guess you could also say that this little project is fulfilling one of my "4 simple goals" by actually making something for myself/home...Yay!!

You can also see a few of my newly thrifted vintage glasses and my new vintage tablecloth in the pic's...I hope to get some better pic's of those soon:)

I was excited to get this in the mail yesterday...I love looking at all the inspiring projects and pretty yarns!! The Lion Brand website is stocked full of these lovely freebie patterns!!!

...and here's a quick pic of all my newly thrifted yarns....some are vintage and some are not...


cowboybunny said...

These are super cute! I love the bright red!

Kim said...

Thanks!! This is one of those projects were you have something cute planned in your head but your really unsure how the finished product will look:)


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