August 19, 2010

Lovely Walls

Wall Goodies

wall of frames

quilt wall

Wall Candy 2

Can you spot the new addition?

Elliot's Wall of Games
Such a cute idea!!!

Fabric Hoops

Display on the wall above my newly found hutch.
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Oh, My Darling said...

Oh wow, totally in love with the owl wall!

MeredithW said...

Love picture 3, 8 and especially 5. I like the use of words :)

sabrina said...

I was so inspired by this post, I just spent an hour and a half on etsy looking for cool vintage wall art! :)

ringmaster said...

i really like the board games! i have collected a few vintage ones that i think i will put up in the boys room!

Stacey Lou said...

I adore them all! I wish they were my own! <3

She Can't Decide said...

oh I just love seeing people's wall collages. There are so many fun ideas! I especially love the last image, all that fabric! ::drools::


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