August 22, 2010

Vintage Figurines...can you resist the kitschy cuteness

I've never been much of a "nick-knack" collector as I guess I have my mother's saying "it's just more to dust" branded in my head:) I'm really not much for extra cleaning or dusting for that matter but how can you resist these adorable little figurines! They have been calling my name as I browse through thrift store aisles, and on my next visit I may not be able to resist picking a few up!! I passed on a super cute little puppy yesterday and I'm already having regrets... dang I hate thrift store regrets because you know if you go back there's a chance it may be gone;(

Baby Birds and Momma Bird

vintage owl figurine

more pals

Doe, a deer

Squirrel Buddies

Lefton Sheep


Welcome to my Studio

vintage birds

Please click on photo's for links.


Oh, My Darling said...

Oh my! I love them all so much!!

sabrina said...

I have a little obsession with cute little animal figurines myself. They are too cute! The worst for me to try and walk away from are owls and deer. (I've only found one deer though.)

Rubyellen said...

that deer is amazing!

Deer Little Fawn said...

Wow they are all so cute! I would probably have to buy them all! The birds and deer are my favourites though. Hi by the way, I'm new to your (lovely!) blog. :)


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