October 25, 2010

DIY Vintage Toy Makeover

 I found this super fun vintage toy phone for little girl a few months ago but had yet to let her use it as it wasn't really in the best shape. It was missing most of it's stickers and was looking a little "under the weather." So I decided to give it a quick little makeover, you can use this same idea with many vintage toys that may need a little TLC:)

Extra Hold Heat and bond
Fun fabric of your choice
Non toxic glue that is good for non-porous surfaces, I used " Crafter's pick, the ultimate non-toxic glue
HINT: you will only need glue if you have tight areas that can not be ironed

Here's a before Picture:

 Project Steps:
1.Create and cut out paper templates that fit the areas of the toy you would like to cover.

2.Iron heat-and-bond to the back side of your fabric
3.Trace your templates onto the heat-and-bond.
4.Cut out your pieces and iron onto your toy. Make sure to keep the iron heat low enough so as not the burn or melt the plastic.
*for smaller pieces that can not be ironed you can use your glue instead:)
*You can also glue all of the pieces instead of using the heat and bond, however I think it had a much more finished and durable look and feel when I used the heat-and-bond:)
5. (if needed) I took a fine sharpie paint pen and re-painted the letters, I really loved how easy it was to use!!

Your Finished!!


Anonymous said...

What a cute idea! I love the look!! I miss having a phone hanging in the kitchen. Maybe I'll have to do something like this, just for the effect. :)

Kim said...

Thanks! I know I really want a retro big people phone to hang in my kitchen, also just for the effect, as we don't even have home phone service:) Awww how times have changed, if only cell phones came with a cute little rotary dial, how fun would that be!

sabrina said...

Oh, I love it! The phone is so much cuter now that you gave it a face-lift! You're so creative. :)

Sarah AJ said...

Adorable! I had that phone when I was a kid; it's still at my dad's for the grandkids to play with. :)

KM said...

This is so absolutely sensational'!!!!!!

Kim said...

Sarah, that's so fun, I love when daughter gets to play with some of my old toys as well:)


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