November 22, 2010

Cute....or Creepy Vintage

I came across these umm...I'm going to go with creepy ski mask patterns while flipping through one of my old McCalls magazines. I thought they were quit interesting and wanted to share:) What do you guys think...cute or creepy?


Carol Anne said...

haha! definitely creepy! Especially the first one with the bangs... oh my goodness! Thanks for sharing that!

shea said...

WHOA! I find ski masks creepy in general, but the one with the "hair" sends me over the top and reminds me of something I see in my nightmares. Yowza!

Anonymous said...

lol! terror!!

Kim said...

I know right!! The one with the hair is the "best" when it comes to the creepy factor!! I wonder if there where any poor children who actually wore these?:)


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