November 9, 2010

What She Wore: Easy Peasy Vintage

I've always wanted to document some of my daughters fun vintage outfits like some of my  lovely fellow bloggers do:) So last week I finally got my daughter to stand still long enough to take a picture where you could for the most part see her outfit..LOL:) There's an adorable little Scottie dog on the front that's still sort of hard to see. How I LOVE easy vintage outfits, you know the one's that aren't fussy and they can actually go outside and play in! I believe this little top is from the 50's as I found it at an estate sale with a bunch of other 50's style outfits, including the little red dress below...hello Christmas dress:)


sabrina said...

Oh, SO cute! I love vintage clothes. I don't have kids, so I never thought about buying vintage baby clothes. They're so much cuter than what's in stores! Love the Scottie dog! :)

Anonymous said...


ringmaster said...

she's a cutie!


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