December 6, 2010

Christmas Toys in Progress

I've been a busy little elf latley working to get some of little girls Christmas presents finished/started! I think these little dolls may be my favorite this year. I hope to also find a set of natural wood blocks to create little houses and beads out of:) I even ventured out to Toy's R'us today in search of a set of wood blocks...let me just say yikes!!.....but there was nothing but plastic..haha:)

So I want to ask you guys if you have any suggestions for a place to get a variety set of natural wood blocks? I would make them myself but I scared to use the wood at hardwood stores...or is okay to use the plain wood there? Hmmm...have any of you all used regular hardware store wood to make toys? Thanks in advance for all your help!!:)

P.S. What kind of special Christmas gifts are you all working on? Have you found any good tutorials to share?:) I read over on Elsie's blog "A Beautiful Mess" that she will having 12 days of DIY, yay sounds like fun!!

P.S.S Here are a few projects little girl has been working on:) We used a glue stick to rub glue over the entire gingerbread man and then sprinkled him with cinnamon, he smells so yummy!!


cowboybunny said...

Super cute little people. I made those a few years ago and made a little zip up pouch to store them in.
Melissa and Doug makes some really good all wood toys. Amazon has been having a sale on most of their things (I think I saw blocks). I got some last night.
Can't wait to see all your other handmade creations ;)

sabrina said...

Aww... Kids crafts are the best. That gingerbread man is adorable. <3

I like that you're making toys for Christmas presents. That's great. I don't see anything wrong in using hardware store wood for blocks. Just sand down the sides really well so there's no splintering of little fingers. *You may want to do more research, though. Maybe the wood is treated with chemicals???*

Have you checked a craft store for wood blocks? I remember seeing larger sized blocks at the Craft Warehouse here in my town.

Good luck to you! I hope you get it figured out! :)

Kim said...

Thanks so much for your help girls!!

Jenny, I also found a good deal on a block set over on Amazon so I think I might order some of those as well:) I love Mellisa and Doug toy's I've already order a couple of their wood food sets!

Brina, I think the issue with chemicals is my fear with hardware store blocks? I just wonder where people get all that good wood for their "safe" toys?hmmm....


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