January 3, 2011

Pretty Patchwork Blocks

I created these little patchwork blocks with a few vintage and new fabric scrapes. I think I may play with them more than little girl:)

I hope everyone is enjoying the new year!!:)


Corey said...

Wow, I love this idea! We've got a lot of wooden blocks around here that don't get a lot of use,but maybe this is just the thing to spice them up! Although I may have to go light on the florals and opt for more boy-friendly prints, since I've got two older boys. But I've also got a one-year-old girl, so I'll make sure to save some girly ones for her! Thanks for the inspiration-I may even attempt it this morning, while my oldest is at school!

Kim said...

Haha..yeah the boys may not totally appreciate floral blocks:) But I was thinking for my next block project when little girl is older I would try decoupaging fabric windows and doors on the blocks so they would be a village of sorts. Maybe your boys would like something like that also:) make sure you post pics I can't wait to see them!!


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