January 17, 2011

Reviving a Vintage Paint by Number Kit

 I purchased a couple of vintage paint by number kits on ebay over a year ago and I finally got around to figuring out what to do with them. As one would guess the paint in the kits were completely dried up and unusable:( I did some research online on how to revive old oil paints with out much success, all of the techniques seem to involve some icky chemicals! So I thought the next best thing to do would be to purchase oil or acrylic paints that match up to the original dried up paints. I didn't really want to pour tons of money into this project so I went with acrylic craft paints, I purchased them for 59 cents a bottle at Joanns. The only down side to using these inexpensive paints seems to be that the coverage is not so good and I'm having to re-coat  a few areas, but that's okay:)
 I decided that when purchasing my new paints I wouldn't have to match the colors up exactly and infact I used a fun pink color instead of the orange just to give my painting a fun and different look! I just made sure that the colors I choose looked good together and matched up well with the areas they were intended for and I was set!
Before I started to paint my canvases I decided that I should scan them so that I could use the "template" over and over again if I wanted. I figured I could print it out on watercolor paper and do a water color paint by number, or use colored pencils which would also be fun! The options are endless! So when searching for paint by numbers, consider purchasing and reviving an old kit! You'll have endless options and save a few bucks:) I've included a few kits that are for sale in my collections post below:)
I'll post more pictures when it's finished:)

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cowboybunny said...

This is such a great idea!


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