October 26, 2010

Vintage School Prints

My sister found these fun little vintage school prints some time ago but I had yet to hang them up as I hadn't really decided what I wanted to "do" with them. Then I read over on Rachel's blog that she had found some vintage slack hangers that she intended to use to hang her prints up with, and I thought what perfect way to hang up a few of my own prints! I already had several of these hangers as I use them at my shows, so it was just a matter of getting them hung and I'm glad I finally did!! Thanks Rachel for the fabulous idea!! Also, as a little tip for others who may want to use this idea. I used a little sticky tack on the back of each of the hangers so as to make them hang a little straighter:)


sabrina said...

Those prints are so cute. (Especially "Your underclothing should be clean".) I love the wooden hangers. What a great idea!

Kim said...

Thanks! I know that's one of my favorites as well! I've also got some others that talk about remembering to take baths and not playing in old freezers:)

Christa said...

this is such a great idea! love the prints. love your blog! i grabbed your button the other day to share the blue bird lucy's love.

Ribambins said...

Bright idea. That way posters are not damaged and can be changed quite often. I love it.


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